uiyuan master was forced to agree to the fake Princess three conditions. Can be said that the princess s fame so well, there are more than most thanks to the master of Huiyuan. The master in addition to promised to. help fake princess fame, but also every year to do things to help fake princess to eliminate black gas, after all, the name of the fake princess is dead, but the tombstone engraved on her name, life is not expensive enough, can not afford Extravagance, easy to fight back to the prototype or death. The so called annual sister sister to avoid the day for the sister chanting prayer, are deceptive, in fact, for their own life. Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam As long as adhere to twenty years, she can get rid of the fate of the impact. Unfortunately, Microsoft Certification she got on the way. Fall short Cheng Ruyi heard this Hui Yuan master did not participate in the house of the victims of the tragedy, his impression of some better, but. his first daughter to find her stubborn thing is very upset. True dog blood, monk, do you find your son now Cheng Ruyi feel that their luck a bit strange. Huiyuan master is a criminal disciples of Buddhism, cloud clear Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure road is a sill

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure